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Professional Skills Program from SLASSCOM

Game changer for producing IT/BPM talent for industry
Nishan Mendis, Haresh Perera and Sandra De Zoysa
Nishan Mendis, Haresh Perera and Sandra De Zoysa

SLASSCOM as the nation’s catalyst for the IT/BPM industry, will be launching “The Professional Skills Program” which is the first of its kind to be launched in the country.

The programme is centred on the core concepts of Personal Growth, Communication & Relationships, Ethics, Leadership skills, Inclusivity, Team based skills, Remote Communication, Verbal & Written Communication, Presentation Mastery, Networking, Analytical skills, Learning Agility, Entrepreneurship skills and Creativity and Innovation, all of which will complement the technical skills acquired by the recipients.

Offered through the SLASSCOM Academy, a new venture of SLASSCOM, the first stage of the program is due to be launched soon. The absence of a national level Professional Skills Framework and the need to accelerate its implementation due to industry demand, lead SLASSCOM’s capacity forum setting up a team to define, enhance and rollout the topics and related course materials to develop the framework and the program.

Sri Lanka’s IT/ BPM workforce, Board Director and Head of the Capacity Forum at SLASSCOM, and the Executive Director and Technology Consulting Leader at PwC Nishan Mendis stated,” Sri Lanka’s IT/ BPM industry competes on the global stage not on the numbers we generate, but on the value we create. This is what we promise in our ‘Island of Ingenuity’ brand. By being a niche player and being small and nimble, a client working with a Sri Lankan organization will communicate with all its employees related to the relevant project.”

The framework of the SLASSCOM Professional Skills Program has been defined by taking inspiration from the PwC professional career progression framework and with the collaboration of the IT industry as well as academia, and the team at SLASSCOM have ensured the program would be a salient supplementary qualification for any IT professional.

Haresh Perera, SLASSCOM General Council Member and Digital Transformation Leader at PwC speaking on how the program could positively impact IT professionals in their careers explained, “Some of the most salient skills that we need to bridge the gap are important soft skills such as interpersonal and leadership skills and these are some of the key focus areas of the curriculum. The first 9 units that will comprise the 1st stage of the program is set to be launched on 4th Oct and we will also be launching all 28 units of the programme through the portal, in time.

SLASSCOM’s Chairperson, Sandra De Zoysa said, “We are proud to have put together this revolutionary program with the support of some top professionals in IT/BPM and we look forward to launching it to the public via the SLASSCOM Academy Portal. Our workforce is what makes our industry a success and we at SLASSCOM will look to empower the workforce with the right programmes and initiatives for development of the current future workforce” 

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