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Skin and hair care during lockdown

The world has become a difficult place to live in right now. Everyone is locked up at home and the animals are roaming around free. Yes, the tables have turned because of the Coronavirus scare and if you too are bored to wits, thinking of ways to kill boredom and maintain yourself, you need to read further.

A lockdown is not an easy thing to go through, but there are two ways of looking at it - acceptance or resistance, and most of you would agree that accepting it is the best way to save everyone around. And, if you want to uplift your mood quite instantly, guess the simplest thing you can do is look after yourself. Let’s start with good skin and hair first. We got in touch with beauty expert Aashmeen Munjaal, Director Star Salon & Academy to get you some super tips to flow through this lockdown and you can’t miss them!

Everyone knows skin and hair also take a beating due to decreased physical activity. The body is energised by getting out of the house and indulging in physical activities, and that’s how the metabolism also remains good. But there can be stiffness in the body due to lack of activity, which could in turn make the skin and hair dull like never before.

l Move your body for that glow: If you want that your metabolism should not get affected due to the lack of physical activities, then take the stairs. First up, then down, this will give you a good workout. If you like to dance, then simply groove to your favourite song. This will keep your hair and skin both in good shape. Try and indulge in your favourite activity for 20 minutes every morning, afternoon and evening. This will also help in the circulation of antioxidants in the body.

l Stay away from processed food: Processed food is not good for the skin. It has a bad effect on both body and skin when physical activities are reduced. The less processed food you take, the better it is. During this time, if you are drinking juice and coconut water then it is good for your body. Eat fresh vegetables, fruits and salads as much as you can. Eat light food with fewer spices, and watch your skin and body glow.

l Use natural ingredients for skin care: During this time, it would be better to use natural products for skin care instead of readymade cosmetics. If you want, you can follow Aashmeen’s tried and tested recipe. For that, all you need is a cucumber, tomato and a potato. Wash and grind all three together in a grinder. You can turn it into a cold face pack by putting the mixture into an ice tray.

When you start your work in the morning, just apply this cube on your face, let it dry and then wash it. A tray will last for a week for the entire family. This will keep the skin glowing. At this time, even if women are not able to go to the parlour. Simply adopt this super ice pack to make your skin glow.

l How to get rid of dead skin: As the weather is changing, add half a teaspoon of semolina to one teaspoon of gram flour and make your skin glow. If there is bran at home, add half a teaspoon of bran. If your skin is oily, then add rose water to this mixture. If your skin is normal, then add curd and if your skin is very dry, prepare a pack with mustard oil. Keep the ingredients different according to the skin type, but gram flour and semolina will remain as the two main ingredients. Keep the ratio of gram flour and semolina 2: 1, which mean- if taking 2 spoons of gram flour, take one spoon of semolina. Apply this pack on your entire body before taking a bath and just scrub it all the way before washing it off. This pack will not only improve your blood circulation, but also remove the dead skin.

And the most important tip - stay inside your house, keep on washing hands and using a sanitizer. It’s the time to stay with your family.

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