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No ban on eco-friendly food packages - Minister

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said that the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) had informed him that the eco-friendly food package introduced by Tharushi Vidushika Rajapaksa, a resident of Ratnapura who is studying at the University of Colombo, would not be banned at all.

The Minister expressed these views at a media briefing held at the Ministry yesterday (15).

According to the instructions of the Environment Ministry, the Central Environmental Authority has banned only single-use polythene lunch sheets. The ban has been in effect since August 1. The gazette notification for this ban was issued on September 1, 2017.

“Although the food package introduced by Tharushi Vidushika is made of polythene, it does not belong to the single use lunch sheet category. She has introduced a food package that can be used continuously for about 6 months. It's like a homemade batter, Washable and reusable.

“Therefore, according to the existing regulations, this product has not been banned by the Central Environmental Authority. We as a nation should appreciate this new product introduced by this little girl. This product is a great alternative to minimizing the use of single polythene lunch sheets.

“I ask that girl to carry out their production very well. I also invite her to introduce to the country in the future if possible an environmentally friendly and perishable product that will not use polythene,” Minister said.

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