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Cabinet Decisions

on September 13 :

Research project on new approaches in Sri Lanka and Philippines

A consolidated research project will be implemented on the new approaches in Sri Lanka and the Philippines to measure and improve the effectiveness of wisdom attributes/characteristics. The research will be implemented collectively by the University of Colombo, University of De La Saal of Philippines, University of Waterloo in Canada and the University of Wake Forest in the United States. The Cabinet approved the resolution by the Education Minister in this regard.

Policy target of Renewable Energy Development

The maximum electricity requirement will be obtained from renewable energy sources by 2030. The Government has made a policy decision to satisfy 70 per cent of the total electricity requirement from renewable energy sources by 2030 and to take necessary action to develop total carbonated energy generation by 2050. The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB), therefore, will prepare the "Minimum Cost Long Term Generation Plan" subject to Sri Lanka Electricity Act No, 20 of 2009 and its amendments in this regard. The Energy Minister will issue general policy guidelines to the CEB in terms of section (5) of the Act to prepare the plan. The Cabinet, therefore, granted approval to the proposal by the Energy Minister to issue the guidelines.

Utilizing already recognised minerals

The minerals in the country with an economic value that have not been utilized so far have been categorised under four groups. They are: Energy minerals, minerals within the category of Ferus and Ferro Alloy family, Non-Ferus minerals and minerals coming under the category of non- metal minerals.

Two companies - Lanka Mineral Sand Limited and Kahatagaha Graphite Lanka Limited already excavate, refine and export Ilmenite, Zircon, Rutile and Graphite while the National Gem and Jewellery Authority and the Gem and Jewellery Research Centre are engaged in gem and jewellery related activities.

Apart from those minerals, it has been observed that the Government mediation to utilize other minerals is insufficient. Therefore, the Cabinet approved the proposal by Industries Minister to appoint a Committee to carry out a detailed research on the areas where these minerals are located, the extent of these minerals, the quantities of these deposits and the products in which these minerals can be utilized and then plan a programme to utilize such minerals formally in economic purposes and to implement the relevant programme in accordance with the recommendations of the committee.

Section 88 (2) of Civil Procedure Code

The Civil Procedure Code makes provisions to set aside the judgment given by a Court upon a request by a defendant to Court with notice to the plaintiff stating that he has reasonable grounds for such default, within 14 days of the decree entered against him for default. It has been observed that by taking advantage of these provisions, the defendant employs delaying tactics and resist a just claim of the plaintiff.

Therefore, the Cabinet approval has been granted on February 1, 2021 to amend the section 88(2) of the Civil Procedure Code, enabling to prevent such adverse conditions. Accordingly, the Attorney General has certified that the Bill by the Legal Draftsman is in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. The proposal by the Justice Minister to present the Bill in Parliament was approved by the Cabinet.

Civil Procedure (Cap101)

The Committee appointed by the Justice Minister has recommended that provisions be made in the Code of Civil Procedure (Cap 101) that formal signatures and proof of authenticity is not required, if the signature or its authenticity is not specifically impeached and raised as an issue at the time of appeal or further appeal unless Court needs such evidence.

Accordingly, the Cabinet approved the proposal by the Justice Minister to introduce necessary amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure to make the necessary arrangements in this regard and to prepare a Bill by the Legal Draftsman.

Expressway on Pillars from Athurugiriya Inter-Change of Outer Circular Expressway to Kelani Bridge via Rajagiriya

The approval was given at the Cabinet Meeting on May 24, 2021 to award the contract to construct this Expressway to the M/s China Harbor Engineering Corporation on the basis of designing, building, funding, operating and transferring (DBFOT). Accordingly, the expressway is to be constructed within three years. A consultancy institution should be appointed as an independent engineer to supervise the construction and maintenance work to ensure the quality and timely construction of the proposed road.

The Road Development Authority should be the employer of that consulting institution. Accordingly, the Cabinet approved the proposal by the Highways Minister to take necessary steps to select an institution by following the formal procurement methodology.

Paddy Purchasing Programme for Yala Season 2021

Paddy harvesting for the Yala season 2021 has already commenced and the Cabinet decided to buy Nadu variety paddy at Rs. 551 per kg through the Paddy Marketing Board from the farmers and to mill the paddy stocks for rice and sell to customers at a reasonable price through the Sathosa outlet network.

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