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CSD celebrates 15th Anniversary

The CSD celebrating the 15th Anniversary.
The CSD celebrating the 15th Anniversary.

The Civil Security Department (CSD), which has enormously contributed to the country’s economy through its agriculture projects, celebrated its 15th anniversary on Monday (13).

A number of programmes including religious events were conducted in line with this year’s anniversary.

The CSD led by Director General Major General Ranjan Lamahewage (Retd) along with a cadre of 35,000 personnel is now operating around the island through its 24 regional headquarters.

The Department is largely engaged in agriculture, brick-making and animal husbandry projects while generating a variety of agriculture based products.

Maintenance of sacred religious sites and places of archaeological value including the preservation of rich Sri Lankan heritage are also amongst their bounden duties.

From the inception in the mid 1980s, the ‘National Home Guard Service’ broached to protect the threatened border villages, following the eradication of terrorism, rendered an unmatched service to the country spreading its wings as the CSD.

It was later re-structured and established as the CSD on September 13, 2006 under the directives of the country’s fifth Executive President and present Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa facilitating retirement benefits.

During the battle, 545 CSD personnel had sacrificed their lives while 425 were disabled.

The CSD personnel were assigned for the country’s development and agriculture based sustainable development projects afterwards, following the directives of then Defence Secretary and President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.


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