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TNA disintegrating - Anandasangaree

Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) Leader V. Anandasangaree said that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has now become a political party that is slowly disintegrating and is on the verge of collapse.

He told reporters at a media conference in Kilinochchi that the TNA could not stand alone in politics again.

“When I first formed the TNA, the party won about 20 seats in the North and East. With my resignation, the situation gradually waned. This was due to political greed and greed for power by some party members”.

He went on to say that those who want to come to power do not respect the leadership of the party or the policies of the party. “That is the fate that has befallen the TNA,” he added.

Sangaree said at the signing of a letter to be sent to the UNHRC in Geneva it was very clear that TNA was divided into three factions.

He also said that the ties between party leaders had eroded to such an extent that they could not even convene the Central Committee of the Party.

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