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Investigations underway into murder of Grama Niladharini's husband

The Sri Lanka Army Military Police is extending its full cooperation for conduct of Police investigations into the murder of the husband of a Grama Seva (GS) Niladarini (female state official) in Mattakkuliya Police area, the Army media unit issuing a media communiqué said.

In the past few days after the incident was intimated, Army Military Police have initiated its own parallel investigations into the incident in order to ascertain the involvement of any Army personnel in the crime, following instructions given by General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army.

Preliminary Police reports confirmed that one Corporal attached to an Army camp in Mattakkuliya area, suspected to have maintained contact with the victim's family has been implicated in the murder of this person allegedly with the support of a few more suspects, who have been identified by the Police at Mattakkuliya.

The Commander of the Army on hearing of the incident instructed relevant Army authorities to immediately take strict disciplinary action against any Army personnel, if found guilty in accordance with 'zero tolerance' policy of the organization against criminal acts.

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