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Students, parents await O/L results

The results of O/L Exam, which was held last March, have not been released yet and therefore, students who sat O/L exam and their parents urge authorities to release them soon.

They have forwarded three options in this regard.

Release the results without the Practical Tests of Aesthetic subjects, consider the School Based Assessments (SBA) results as the final results of the Aesthetic Subjects and take into account the written test results of Aesthetic subjects and add those to final marks are the three options, they said. Over 109,000 students sat the Aesthetic Practical Exam in March this year. The O/L students awaiting results are undergoing a severe distress since they cannot decide their future without the O/L results.

Their parents also feel the same. Therefore, it is up to the Examination Department to release the O/L results as soon as possible to ease the burden of the students and their parents, they said.

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