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Four arrested for leaving without vaccine after card mark

Galle Police yesterday arrested four persons including three women who had left the Covid-19 vaccination centre at Galle Sangamitta Girls’ School with the Vaccination Details Card marked without getting the vaccines.

Among the arrested suspects were two sisters aged 48 and 43 from Kongaha, a 41 year old woman of Thanipolgaha and a man (47) from Ethiligoda, Galle.

Medical officers at the vaccination centre had noticed that they were leaving the vaccination premises without taking the jab after marking the vaccine details card and subsequently they had informed the police on duty about the incident.

Police investigations revealed that the said two sisters had played the same stratagem in respect of the first dose of the vaccine August 11 at the same centre and their father also had followed the same routine.

The male suspect had confessed to police that he refrained from administering the vaccine as he got allergies after getting the vaccine and he had got the card marked without taking the vaccine to be produced for future requirements.

They will be prosecuted under the Section 276 of Sri Lanka Criminal Procedure Code under the charge of irresponsible behaviour leading to the spread of the pandemic, Police stated.



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