Govt. paving way for crony capitalism - Sajith | Daily News

Govt. paving way for crony capitalism - Sajith

The Government is paving the way for crony capitalism by providing concessions to some multi-millionaires and racketeers, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said in a statement regarding the Finance Bill.

The Opposition Leader stated that instead of taking action to resolve the current financial crisis in the country, the Government has resorted to a practice of facilitating money laundering in favour of racketeers.

He said that if anyone is hiding without paying taxes, the Government should enforce the law against them and that there are enough provisions to act against them. He also said that instead, the Government is trying to provide tax relief to racketeers and some rich people.“The Government is trying to violate social justice giving room to a Crony Capitalism in the country, and added that the Bill would provide protection to racketeers who have unduly amassed wealth and are hiding from paying taxes. The Samagi Jana Balawegaya is strongly opposed to this policy of the Government,” Premadasa added.

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