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Easter attacks: Cardinal reiterates call for transparent probe

Archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, alleged there were moves by the Government to mislead the international community over the Easter Sunday investigations.

Addressing a media briefing yesterday, he said that despite the lockdown the Catholic Church was compelled to convene the press conference  as when they are faced with such a situation “we have no other option but to condemn this move.”

The Cardinal noted that the Catholic Church is organising a 24-hour prayer programme to seek blessings for this country and all humanity and to help to tide over this problem of Covid.

The Head of the Catholic Church accused the Government of trying to undermine the truth and seek international sympathy for their inaction, for trying to hide the facts and trying to manipulate the events surrounding the Easter attacks, adding that it is why they were forced to give the press conference.

“We condemn the attempt of the Government to go to the international community in trying to mislead them. We are making this request after being patient all this time. All kinds of efforts were made by us calling on this Government to give us justice, to give us a transparent and independent investigation not motivated by politics, political exigencies and necessities, but we have failed. The Government has been sending us from pillar to post because they are not interested in revealing or finding out who is responsible for this attack,” he added.

The Cardinal said that these suicide bombings were not carried out by these bombers without brainwashing and training over a long period of time. “They needed the technology to find the materials and make the bombs and the conviction to commit suicide. All of these require time and support. So, there is somebody who is behind all this and we want to know who that is. That is our right.

Therefore, without giving proper attention to this and without investigating it carefully, trying to mislead the international community is not the answer to what we request.”

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith pledged not to give up and to carry on the fight to seek justice for the people who were killed and injured in the Easter attacks. “More than 260 people were murdered in cold blood. Some people are still on wheelchairs and are bedridden.

This was a terrible disaster. Further, 47 foreigners from 14 countries were killed.”

He requested the international community to defend their citizens who died in Sri Lanka. He urged these countries to rise up and call on the Sri Lankan Government to conduct a transparent and independent investigation. “These foreigners went to Sri Lanka on vacation and to enjoy and did not expect to be blasted to pieces.

Therefore, these foreign Governments must also exert pressure on the Sri Lankan Government to conduct a thorough investigation into this and not try to defend the Sri Lankan Government.”



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