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‘Beware of bogus Ayurvedic physicians’

Bogus Ayurvedic physicians are reported to be issuing prescriptions to COVID-19 positive patients with a number of them operating online, senior Ayurvedic Affairs Commissioner of the Kurunegala District Dr. R.M. Ramanayake said.

Speaking to the Daily News, he pointed out that these individuals pretend to be well-qualified ayurvedic physicians. “Therefore, people are kindly warned not to be duped by them and are requested to get their herbal medicine from physicians and doctors who are registered with the Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Medical Council. That way we can assure the safety of patients,” he said.

“However, all citizens have to get the recommended vaccination without failing to possess the required immunity against COVID-19,” he said.

He added that about 14,836 COVID-19 patients are now receiving ayurvedic treatment in their own homes or at intermediate care centres in the country.

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