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Drop in number of Oxygen-dependent patients at hospitals

Number of COVID-infected children at LRH see decline

The number of Oxygen-dependent patients hospitalised with COVID-19 has seen a drop when compared to last week while the number of COVID-infected children admitted to the Lady Ridgeway Children's Hospital (LRH) in Colombo has dropped by a third, health officials said.

"The number of infected people has come down as expected by the health sector but may increase again at any time," Deputy Director General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath said at a media briefing held at the Health Bureau yesterday (06). He said that the Government was constantly working to meet the Oxygen needs of patients suffering from COVID-19 and that it would be a great relief to the health sector if the country could rely on Oxygen which is locally available rather than by importing.

"About 25 to 30 children infected with COVID-19 have been admitted to the hospital daily in the last few days and it has been reduced to 10 to 12 by now," said the Director of the Lady Ridgeway Children 's Hospital Dr. G. Wijesuriya.

He said that in the past few days, more than 200 children infected with COVID-19 were treated daily in hospitals and by yesterday (06) the number of children being treated for COVID-19 had dropped to 87.

He added that 18 children had died at the hospital due to COVID-19 and that the behaviour of parents and adults could determine whether children were infected with COVID or not. "Children could be protected from the virus if parents were persuaded to follow COVID protection health advice on a regular basis," Dr. Herath said.

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