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Take Ayurveda to the world by raising the bar - PM

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has directed officials to raise the bar for innovative and Ayurvedic medicine by publishing and presenting research papers on a regular basis.

The Prime Minister made this observation while joining the opening ceremony of the Rajapura Ayurvedic hospital at Sirigala, Monaragala, from Temple Trees virtually.

The Hospital has capacity to treat 40 patients with non-communicable diseases, at a time. External and in-patient care will be provided free to the all clergy. The Prime Minister further noted that foreigners that show interest in our culture and ayurvedic medicine will also get the opportunity to receive treatment.

The Prime Minister said it is essential to preserve indigenous methods passed down by our ancestors for future generations, while introducing them to the world community.

“Indigenous medicines are part of our culture and identity. When Western medicine was not popular, we relied entirely on indigenous medicine, which cured us. However, ayurvedic doctors are currently available, and this field needs improvement.Considering this fact, we introduced a separate State Ministry to promote indigenous medicine. Currently, the Ministry has posted around 20,000 registered practitioners and the information has been released,” the PM said.

The Premier further stated that there is also a high global demand for non-toxic food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products made from leaves of medicinal plants. And if we can meet that demand, it will be helpful to boost the country’s economy.

Moreover, he added that ayurvedic medicine is being widely accepted globally, and therefore it is essential to prepare to face the situation in advance.

He also said that plans are being made to set up an internationally recognized Indegenous Medical Centre to treat neurological diseases.

“However, while looking for a genuine Ayurvedic practitioner, patients are sometimes misled. Some individuals deceive people and some people toy with the lives of people without understanding the value of Ayurvedic Medicine,” the Prime Minister noted.

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