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Marriott warns of ‘fight for talent’ as hotels struggle to find staff

Marriott’s CEO warns that the company is in a “fight for talent” as it seeks to hire 10,000 staff at hotels in the United States to accommodate the rapid recovery of bookings.

Tony Capuano took over after his predecessor’s death in February Arne Sorenson. The pandemic redundancy “raised” workers’ confidence in the travel and tourism sector, causing a serious staff shortage.

“We have to do a consistent job of sharing the story that it’s actually an industry segment that can build an incredible career,” he told the Financial Times. .. “In the face of the battle for this talent, the ability to tell the story around the world is more important than ever.”

Marriott, the world’s largest hotel company, has approximately 10,000 vacancies in 600 hotels across the United States.

Capuano said the challenge was “especially serious” in states such as Florida, one of the fastest recovering markets from the pandemic due to the surge in demand for resort vacations.

Covid-19 infections surged in the state during the peak summer months of July and August. Florida’s 7-day moving average at the end of August was over 20,900 new cases per day.

According to data provider STR, the US hotel industry was the highest-ever month in terms of revenue and room rates in July, supported by stagnant holiday demand and the strength of the domestic market.

However, hotels and restaurants need to reduce business hours and services, and the instability of the blockage has prompted them to look for more stable jobs, so one-fifth of the world’s hospitality staff will permanently leave the industry. It is estimated that it has left.

Marriott was forced to furl Tens of thousands Last September, we reduced the number of hotel staff and reduced corporate workforce by 17%. (

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