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Retired school teachers in Kurunegala willing to give free lessons

Retired Government School Teachers’ Association of the Kurunegala District are willing to commence online education free of charge for schoolchildren who are now deprived of any kind of education due to COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

Accordingly, about 9,874 school teachers who have retired from Government Service are now willing to teach all subjects to schoolchildren on a voluntary basis until normal classes resume at schools.

A.K.J. Jayasinghe, retired school principal of Kuli/ Brahmanayagama MV in Bingiriya who is the President of the Government Retired School Teachers’ Association, Kurunegala told Daily News yesterday that students should not be isolated and harassed any further over the salary issue of teachers.

“As teachers, we maintained ourselves and our families so far for decades with the salaries paid by the poor parents of this country.

School teachers should not be debtors to the country and children by getting their salaries for months without teaching the student population. Teachers should work according to their conscience without being the puppets of mere unpatriotic political elements in the country,” he added.

“Teachers of Government schools can be satisfied as they are now offered with a satisfactory solution by the Government to solve their burning issue of salary anomalies. This is high time for them to think in a humane and friendly manner for the sake of the country and the children at this time of crisis caused due to the pandemic situation,” he further added.


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