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‘National Policy on Agriculture’ soon - Aluthgamage

Agriculture Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage said the ‘National Policy on Agriculture’, scheduled to be approved by the Cabinet within the next few days will largely benefit the farmer community and assured that the grievances of farmers related to agricultural matters could be solved with the implementation of this policy.

He said this is the first time in our country, a Policy on Agriculture will be approved by the Government considering the numerous problems faced by farmers who rendering an invaluable service towards the country’s prosper the country in agriculture.

Minister Aluthgamage further said in addition, his Ministry will also create a ‘Database on Agriculture’ to secure the day today needs of farmers such as the needs of adequate fertilizer in respective areas where farmers produce not only rice but also many other major crops including tea, rubber, coconut, vegetable, fruit and horticulture.

He said the needs of water in Dry Zones, transportation matters and about bank loans of farmers could also be resolved within a short period when operating a database.

Talking about grievances being highlighted by farmers in rice producing areas, the Minister assured that farmers will be provided with one hundred percent fertilizer completely free of charge from next year.

He also said the country is blessed with adequate nitrogen, phospate and potassium which are the main components used to manufacture organic fertilizer and therefore the provision of fertilizer throughout the country will be continued uninterruptedly from the next Maha season.

“The Government will invest around Rs. 100 million towards the fertilizer manufacturing programme,” the Minister said.

He said as chemical fertilizer imports will be completely banned, the Government has taken a firm decision to establish organic fertilizer manufacturing plants in every village from next year.

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