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Sugar can be sold at Rs.90 per Kilo – Ruwan

UNP Deputy Leader Ruwan Wijewardene yesterday said the people cannot expect any benefit from a Government whose Ministers say that nothing can be done about the sugar price hike.

At a time when the Government has brought the price of a Kilo of sugar to the value of a Dollar, when compared with the price of a Kilo of sugar in India which is less than Indian Rupees 30, (Approx. LKR 82) Wijewardene said that a Kilo of sugar in this country can easily be sold at Rs.90.

Wijewardene expressed these remarks at a virtual meeting with a group of UNP activists yesterday.

“Today, the prices of essential goods have increased rapidly. The price of a kilo of sugar too has increased similarly. However, Ministers and Parliamentarians of the Government say that since consumption of sugar is harmful to health there is no problem with the price hike.

Wijewardene said he would like to question whether they have increased the price of medicines in order to get people to use less treatment and medications. Wijewardene said a kilo of sugar was sold at a price between Rs. 85 and 75 during the Government of Good Governance. Subsequent to the present government coming into power they increased it to Rs.130.

At that time, in November, they reduced the import tax on sugar which was Rs.50 to 25 Cents saying that sugar should be sold at Rs. 85 per kilo. The Government has not granted that advantage to the people, he said.

Ultimately even Sathosa sold sugar at Rs. 130 per kilo. About one month ago, the price of a kilo of sugar in the market was about Rs. 180. Now it has increased to between Rs.210-220.

While businessmen are saying there is no sugar in the country and increasing the prices, the Government has looked the other way allowing its friends and associates to take advantage.

He said that journalists continuously inquired into this situation and pointed out to the government sugar warehouses where sugar was hidden so that it could be sold at higher prices. About four such warehouses have been discovered as of now.


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