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Open Dambulla DEC daily - Economic Centre TU president

The Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre (DEC) which is considered to be one of the leading vegetable markets in the country, has not been kept open daily under the prevailing situation. This has caused a great inconvenience to farmers as well as the consumers, Economic Centre Trade Union president U. B. Ekanayaka said.He said that although stocks of vegetables are being received at the Centre on a daily basis from various parts of the country, the farmers have to face great losses due to the closure of the Dambulla DEC from time to time under the existing pandemic situation.

Ekanayake further stated that Dambulla Dedicated Economic Centre receives at least 700,000 kilogrammes of vegetables daily. Therefore, it is vital that immediate action be taken to prevent the destruction of these stocks of vegetables as it is a great loss to the farmers as well as the country’s economy.

Therefore, Ekanayaka requests the Government to formulate a formal plan in this regard as many vegetable farmers have already started to move away from their cultivations due to the prevailing situation.

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