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No reversal of organic fertilizer move – SLPP MP

Restrictions on importing chemical fertilizer have been partially relaxed as certain sectors cannot shift to organic fertilizer straightaway, SLPP MP Gunapala Rathnasekara yesterday (3) said in Parliament.

MP Rathnasekara made this observation joining the Adjournment Debate on the Central Bank Annual Report 2020.

“The chemical fertilizer ban is still in force. Many have now turned to use organic fertilizer and that proposal is going on without any hindrance. Organic fertilizer is being manufactured successfully as well. But there will be some issues at this early stage,” Rathnasekara said.

“Some decisions taken by the Government for the betterment of the country, cannot be implemented as planned due to certain limitations.

Therefore, such decisions have to be amended to a certain extent. As a Government we want to introduce organic fertilizer to protect the lives of the people.

That proposal of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been implemented successfully. But when we studied further, we saw that some sectors cannot turn into organic fertilizer immediately.

Therefore, permission has been granted for certain sectors to look into the possibility to import organic fertilizer,” Rathnasekara pointed out.

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