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Illegal fishing nets in use in Kalpitiya

 Many fishermen of the Kalpitiya Lagoon say that a special illegal fishing net that would have an adverse effect on the environment and the existence of fish is currently being used by some fishermen.

This net which is around 100 feet long has been set with an iron chain below and is dragged from either side using two vessels in the lagoon. They said that the net is used in the shallow waters and it touches the lagoon bed sweeping all small fishes along with the breeding fish. It also damages the sea plants and weeds as the iron chain drags along the lagoon bed.

When inquired, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Department’s Puttlam Additional Director Saminda Wickramarachchi said that this is an illegal fishing net and should apprehend those who use them with the support of the Navy.


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