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Usgala–Siyambalangamuwa Lift Irrigation Project resumes

 The construction work under the Usgala–Siyambalangamuwa Lift Irrigation Project resumed after six years, Galgamuwa Zonal Irrigation Engineer Gayan Weerasooriya told the Daily News.

He said that the main objective of this irrigation project is to provide water to the farmlands in the Ussawa–Siyambalangamuwa Colony.

Farmers had abandoned their lands due to the lack of water. This is a hilly area and there is no other source to obtain water.

“Work that had been commenced under this project during the previous Mahinda Rajapaksa government came to a standstill during the Good Governance regime in 2016 for which the reasons are unknown,” Engineer Weerasooriya said.

The Engineer said that the water distribution network is under construction. Initial steps have been taken to supply electricity to the water pumping station. Once the work is completed, nearly 200 farmer families will be able to cultivate vegetables and fruits in their lands.

He added that the resumption of the farming in this area is beneficial as those lands had been rendered barren for years while the people there were rendered unemployed too.

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