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Sanija and Rajinikanth emerge Chess champions

Sanija Galkotuwa-Rajinikanth Rithikasamy
Sanija Galkotuwa-Rajinikanth Rithikasamy

Sanija Galkotuwa of Dharmaraja College and Rajinikanth Rithikasamy of Singing Fish Chess club emerged Champions of the Sri Lanka Online Rapid National (Novices Division) Chess Championship yesterday.

Sanija with four more players have scored 6 points out of 7 games but with the better tie breaker Sanija won the first place to win the championship oft the central region . Deeptha Ekanayake (Dharmaraja College) and Dumindu Edirisinghe (St. Anthony’s College), placed second and third respectively also from the same tie breaker with 6 points.

Sanija beat Sujeewa Kirimetiyawa, Niketha Karunananda, Shahrook Fairooz and LSD Chandrasiri and Sudhan Pragatheesh and drew with Hansana Godagampala, and Deeptha Ekanayake to win the Gold Medal.

Meanwhile in the Northern region tournament Rejinikanth Rithikashamy of Singing Fish Chess Club won the title She also took this title on the better tie breaker after equal with 6 points with Uthayan Suvarnika of Jaffna College. Suvarnika had to be satisfied with the second place,

Top 22 players of the Central Province Open and the Top 15 players of the Northern Women will qualify for the appropriate Majors Division Chess Championships to be held from late August 2021.

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