Govt will defeat NCM by two-thirds majority – Minister Sabry | Daily News

Govt will defeat NCM by two-thirds majority – Minister Sabry

The decision to increase fuel prices was an unpopular decision that took into account the country’s economic well-being and the protection of foreign exchange reserves, Minister of Justice Ali Sabry, PC said in Parliament yesterday (19).

The No Confidence Motion (NCM) against the Minister of Energy is baseless and an attempt to misinterpret the unity of the Government, Minister Ali Sabry also said. The economy has been hit hard by the decline in excise revenue in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the absence of tourists and the decline in Customs revenue due to import restrictions, Minister Sabry also pointed out. Minister Sabry also said that funds were used to provide relief to the people and that the people were given an allowance of Rs. 5,000 four times during the pandemic. Minister Sabry also pointed out that the health sector needs money to manage the country and to pay the salaries of public servants. He emphasized that although there are various points of view within the Government, no minister will be betrayed and the NCM will be won by a two thirds majority.

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