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Major review of PTA to suit growing needs

Two committees to recommend revisions

Security concerns to be addressed

Prominence for Fundamental Rights

Justice Minister Ali Sabry, PC, said the Government will review the Prevention Terrorism Act (PTA), to cope with new political and technological developments, the rising incidence of crime and the growing need for enhanced human rights.Minister Sabry told the Daily News yesterday that the three-decade old PTA will be either revised or repealed depending on an anticipated report from the two Committees that are to be appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers.

He clearly explained that changes or annulment of the PTA will be considered by the Government in line with the national security concerns of the country.

“We want a balanced Act in keeping with human rights requirements of the country and to meet the national security requirements as well as international security obligations,” Sabry said, pointing out that the national interest of protecting human rights and security of the people in terms of the Constitution and international obligations will also be taken into consideration to strike a balance.

“It will not act unfairly and unnecessarily to affect the rights of the people and would maintain the freedom and liberty of the citizens of Sri Lanka at all costs,” he added.

“In this regard, the Cabinet has decided to appoint two committees to work out details of the proposals,” the Minister said, adding that the first will be a Ministerial Committee and the second will be a Technical Committee comprising experts in the relevant field(s). “We will be giving them three months to submit their reports and action will be taken based on their recommendations,” he said.

The UN Human Rights Council Resolution which was adopted in March called upon the Sri Lankan Government to commit to its undertaking of revisiting the PTA to meet international standards. The same was repeated in the European Union (EU) Resolution adopted by the EU Parliament recently. The EU Resolution suggested revoking the EU GSP Plus facility if this obligation was not met.




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