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Tangalle MC Member slams dissident UNPers

Tangalle Municipal Councillor D.V. Ganesh Priyankara said that it was shameful that some members who came up through the UNP are slandering the party.

He told the media yesterday (14) that, “We constantly stand up for the UNP as a party and for our voters, but only for justice. Some people come up through the UNP and then they slander the party. I ask how they can do this. When we joined the party we accepted the party constitution and its laws. We knew that supporting other parties while holding positions in this party is a violation of the party constitution and it is a reason for losing positions. By now, 72 UNP Local Government members have been removed for acting against the party constitution and supporting other parties. Why can’t they resign with dignity if they have violated the party constitution without waiting until they are chased out of the party? The Mayor of the Tangalle Urban Council recently held a media conference and levelled absurd allegations against our Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe and praised Minister Namal Rajapaksa. We are quite used to these things. But, I promise that I will never leave the UNP or let down the people who voted for me.”

He said that his loyalty to the party will remain steadfast no matter what challenges he has to face, adding that Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe will be representing the party in Parliament shortly. Priyankara noted that with the UNP Leader representing the party in Parliament, they plan a restructuring of the party and the UNP will bounce back stronger than ever before.

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