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Hoax call in Ramanathapuram claimed armed intrusion from SL

A hoax call over personal enmity kept the City Police, Ramanathapuram district and the Q-branch on their toes on Saturday evening. The caller informed the police that armed intruders would enter India by sea from Sri Lanka through Rameswaram in Ramanathapuram district.

The caller made an internet call to Thideer Nagar Police on Saturday afternoon, making the caller untraceable. The Police alerted the Q-branch that probes the intrusion of Sri Lankans fleeing the island nation through India.

A senior Police officer in the know told TOI that the caller provided the names and mobile numbers of the three ‘intruders’. “Two of them turned out to be journalists and one of them was well known to one of them. The reporters suspected that the call could be mischief by someone affected by news they broke recently,” the officer said.

Efforts were underway to trace the caller and to quiz the suspect named by the journalists. The police have stepped up vigil in the coastal district and alerted village informants among the fisherfolk to confirm that it was a hoax. (TOI)

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