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Dog care during lockdown

First of all keep in mind that there are NO proven records that pets can be infected with or spread Covid-19. But this virus can survive on the fur, or foot pads of your pet for a few hours if the animal is exposed to the virus.

In accordance with the Covid -19 prevention guidelines , most of us are staying at home unlike in the past when we used to go to work on a daily basis. Hence many of us have enough time to be with our pets who love us unconditionally! Enjoy every moment of it.

Prepare for lockdown

People usually stock up on essentials during the lockdown. As such, you have to think about your pet also. Make sure its food and medicine is available in adequate amounts. Get updated on online pet food and other item providers. Talk to the vet and get the online communication facility activated in order to show the pictures or videos of the pet and get tele-medication service when required. Check the records of the pet - whether any due dates fall within the lockdown period - and check with the vet the possibility of shifting the due dates.


As all animals, pets also need love. Hugging, petting, cuddling, calling and communicating in a gentle way are mostly accepted.. These activities may develop a bond between you and your pet. Pets are family members. Use this time to be with your pet. Engaging with the activities with your pet will indirectly release your “lockdown related stress” as well.


Pets need a lot of care. They have to be gently groomed daily. Bathing at least once a week is good to maintain healthy skin. There can be external parasites on the skin of the pet. Take some time to examine within the fur and check for external parasites that will harm your pet. External parasites can be controlled by external parasiticide drugs (tablets, powder, liquids, shampoos). Examine the eyes of your pet and clean them daily with a wet cotton wool or cloth. Ears can be cleaned using cotton buds or dry cotton wool to remove excess earwax. Brushing teeth daily is possible. If your pet is not used to getting their teeth; brushed, take some time to train the animal. Long nails should be cut using a nail clipper. Caked fur should be removed by cutting using blunt ended scissors. Keep an eye on consistency, frequency and colour of urine and stools. Any changes should be noticed. Deworm the dog on time. Do not let your pet get exposed to an unfavorable environment, do not feed unhealthy food during the lockdown period. Also take some time to clean the cages; clothes, carpets, mattresses, toys etc.


Pet food, other feeding items (fish, meat) should be collected and stored properly before the lockdown. Since all family members are at home different types of food items will be made. Do not feed your pet with oily or unhealthy food. Normal adult dogs need food twice a day. Don’t overfeed your dog .


As veterinary hospitals are essential services most of the government and private veterinary hospitals are kept open. It is better to get the telephone number/s of your vet and clarify the availability in case of emergency. Check your pet daily for any signs of sickness. General symptoms of unhealthy animals are loss of appetite, fever, diarrhea, constipation, change of urine colour, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, itching etc. Call your vet and describe the condition with photos and videos. Sometimes the vet will recommend tele-medicine. If the condition is severe, take the relevant approvals for travel and rush the pet to the vet. Make sure you adhere to all health guidelines related to Covid 19.


Pets should get enough daily exercise. It is better to play with them indoors or within your premises after ensuring the safety of both you and the pet. Don’t allow the pet to roam in the village or neighborhood. But if you don’t have enough space for your pet’s exercise you have to take them to a pet walking path, road side, playground etc. When it is outside, exposure and contamination with different types of germs are possible and you have only a limited control. of it Therefore it is better not to take your animal out of your premises within this lockdown period. If not, don’t allow the animal to sniff on contaminated items, make sure you wash its legs with soap and water before letting it enter the house after the walk. Covering the body of the pet with a washable and reusable polythene cover is also possible to minimize contamination.

Contact with covid-19 patient

There can be Covid-19 patients or people undergoing quarantine in your house or neighbourhood. Your pet cannot identify the severity of the condition. Though you are taking all precautions to minimize contamination with the diseased persons, the pet may get exposed to such people without your awarenessWhat can you do on such an occasion? Firstly, you should take all necessary actions to restrict your pet’s movements. By accident if it is contaminated with a person of Covid-19 disease, clean the pet thoroughly with soap and water before taking it into your house.

Spread love and enjoy the lockdown with your pet!

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