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Purrfect Lessons for Cat Parents

We live in the times of Covid 19! We are stuck at home! We have been asked to adhere to health guidelines strictly! All are pretty bored having stuck at home for more than one year. .But your feline friend looks so thrilled to have you at home! “ My Mom has no work these days. Wonder why she does not go out!!, “ she may be thinking. Did you ever imagine how boring your home stay and WFH would be , had it not been for those purrfect cuddles! As a cat lover who hasn’t spent even a single day without a cat as a pet around, I would like to share with my dear cat parents some wonderful tips that would help you get even more closer to your “bundle of joy.’

1) Listen to your cat

Your little feline friend has different ways of expressing her feelings. She would meow, wag or move the edge of its tail or scratch a nearby pillow or cushion if she needs attention. I am sure my dear cat parents are thorough with these little ‘cat tricks’ just as I do, or even more than me. But I may say, it is important that you pay extra attention to these little attention seekers. When my Tina meows I would spare at least a minute (on top of any busy schedule) to answer her! “ Yes, sweetie”, I would say. Then I would look straight into her eyes and ask “ Whyyyyyy?” . Any Idea why I do this? Because then your cat knows that “ she is important!” Oh, yeah. They need to be felt important!!! She may be hungry, maybe not, but if you talk to her and listen to her she may get closer to you and would give you a hug!! What more than a pet cat’s hug on a cold Winter day!!

2) Do not be too possessive

Let her move around freely. Sometimes your pet needs to spend some time on her own. Do not lock her inside when she tries to go out! She may want to go out - to your garden or even to meet her friend living next door! Since your pet is already vaccinated, you need not get so excited over the idea! Give her at least one hour and she will return home, no doubt and she may surely need your hugs even more badly.

I have my own experience to prove my point.

One day Tina was missing for one whole day and I was truly disturbed. I checked with my neighbour and even rushed along the by - road expecting the worst! I called out her name several times, but to no avail.Finally, I made up my mind. I let go of her; “ I looked after her so well, But I cannot keep her forever.” Towards evening as I was watching TV, Tina emerged from our back door. And ever since, up to now she has never ever spent that long away from me. Tina now knows “East or West, Mom is the best!”

Remember when you let go of things, they return to you. But when you try to control things ( cat, lover or anybody.:)) they will try to get away from you!

3) Be thorough with her routine.

All cats have their own routine. Some may wake up at sharp 5 am , and others, the “lazy’ ones may sleep a little more. My Tina is not a lazy girl. She wakes up at 4.50 am and wakes me up ten minutes later!!! Next she will jump on to the window edge as I open it to let fresh air in. Afterwards I would take my glass of water and she would take her milk!! Next she would go out for a bit and so on.

I Iam quite used to her routine. She would not like it if I go straight to the kitchen to have a glass of water instead of opening the window. So I make it a point not to disappoint her!

So better to help her follow her routine!

4) Examine routine changes

If she does not wake up on time or she willingly changes her routine and stays stuck to bed unless it is a very cold day, be cautious. Monitor her closely. It is a “sickness’ signal. Better to do hourly checking and consult your vet ! Read the prescription carefully! Accurate measuring is of utmost importance. Cuddle her soon after giving medicine! Let her recover slowly, leisurely, but happily!

Give her time to get back to normal routine! Never try to ‘rush’ it for her!

Some cats are truly difficult! Giving medicine orally is a nightmare. My friend has a very naughty kitten who would ‘throw up’ whatever medicine is given. Better to get your vet’s advice immediately if your pet does not take her pills. Do not keep the vet in the dark. Ring him immediately to discuss the next available option. He might either pay a home visit to give an injection or enlighten you on better methods to give bitter pills to your dear pet.

5) Teach her to be kind

I know this is not gonna be easy. Cats are natural hunters. However you may teach your cat , how to be kinder !! Oh! That’s easier said than done! Isn’t it? But I may say it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.Tina loves hunting. But she knows I love birds too. So whenever she sees a bird perched on our window grill, she would slowly look at me if I am around. She knows I would not like it. I trained her at a very young age how to watch birds without jumping at them! Whenever she tried to chase after birds, I ‘shouted’ at her or gently hit her on one of her legs. Once she jumped on a nestling and I didnt even talk to Tina for one whole day!!When the butterflies flutter by, she feels restless. It is upto you to make her feel that those tiny butterflies are your friends as well. How many times have I stopped Tina when she had tried to catch those tiny creatures! “Teeeeeeena”, I would warn, pointing my index finger upwards. Tine would listen.

Just train your cat the trick of kindness! I am sure she will learn!

6) Be careful not to hurt her feelings

These days most of you are working from home. But your furry friend has no idea whether you are doing your ‘job’ on your PC or not. She simply needs your caresses. So whenever she approaches you, once you are engrossed in your work, never let her down. Be patient! Let her sit down on your lap or sniff at the PC mouse! Just .’save’ whatever you are working on, to be on the safe side!

Maybe after a while, you may keep her on your table or away from your computer , if you find her presence on your lap a little uncomfortable. You have to meet your office deadline and no doubt you have to give importance to your ‘bread and butter!’

Make sure you will pat her on her head and say ‘hello’ to her on and off. She will fall asleep!! Next time when you are busy, I am sure she will not ‘disturb’ you, but will take a nap by your side!

Yes, I have said a lot. Just put these little lessons into practice. I am sure your feline beauties would love you even more! Happy cat parenting!

Stay safe!

- Sanji U De Silva



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