Country facing three disasters now - UNP | Daily News

Country facing three disasters now - UNP

UNP Chairman Vajira Abeywardena yesterday said the government does not have a viable programme to mitigate the impact of disasters. He said that the country is presently facing three

disasters namely the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, economical and environment damage caused by the sinking ship off Colombo Port and the natural disasters triggered by the heavy down pour.

The former Minister said the government did not give an ear to the requests made by health sector specialists to impose a lock down. “The government imposed travel restrictions after the COVID-19 spread to many areas. We hear that more than 50,000 vehicles are entering the Colombo city when travel restrictions are in place,” he said.

Speaking at a press conference in Colombo he said specialists in the health sector insist that the country should go for a complete lockdown for at least 14 days.

“When we were in power, we always took experts opinion into consideration. The loss of lives could have been prevented, if the country had gone for a complete lock down,” he said.

He said that there is no proper mechanism to vaccinate those engaged in providing essential services. There are many officers in the public sector who are below 30 but the government does not have a programme to ensure their health.