Flood control plan for Gampaha to undo mess - Minister | Daily News

Flood control plan for Gampaha to undo mess - Minister

The main cause of the widespread floods in the Gampaha was the myopic programmes of the former government, Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said.

There are many reasons which have caused floods in Gampaha at present. The Central Expressway was to be constructed on an elevated platform as per the plan drawn up before 2015. However, the former government reclaimed lands and built the road on lands without erecting the road on overhead pillars.

They did not renovate any of the water retention systems near lakes, rivers and streams in the Gampaha district during former regime.

“We are now formulating a system to rehabilitate all water retention systems by negotiating with the District Secretary. A programme to providing dry rations for flood affected people and granting compensations for fully and partially destroyed houses will be implemented through Village Rural Committees and Divisional Secretariats,”he said..