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Vehicle colour coding scheme begins

Police launched a new colour coded sticker system yesterday to easily identify vehicles used by essential service personnel.

The aim of colour coding the essential services vehicles is to fast track the vehicle checks at all entry points to Colombo.

Accordingly, Police officers have been deployed at 54 roadblocks that have been set up in the vicinity of the Colombo city to paste stickers. Therefore, police officers at these roadblocks and checkpoints checked the service ID and the letter issued by the relevant offices and pasted the relevant stickers assigned for the various professions.

Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said that there are 11 different colour codes assigned with green for health services, blue for Tri-Forces,  police and other security services, red for essential goods distribution, yellow for essential suppliers, pink for state sector employees, brown for import and export sector, manufacturing and factories, Grey for pre-cooked food and other delivery services, black for those attending funerals, persons traveling for medical appointments or to purchase medicines, orange for communications and media institutions, purple for financial institutions and white for persons traveling to and from the airports or ports.