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Pathmaraj no more

Renowned film producer, exhibitor and a head of A distribution circuit in Sri Lankan Cinema, G R Pathmaraj has passed away.

He was the Managing Director of Cinemas Ltd., a pioneering film production company in local cinema.

His father the late K Gunarathnam was a pioneering film producer and a major contributor In building the local film industry.

Gamini Hall was the film releasing center established by Gunarathnam as the first distribution circuit in Sri Lanka.

With the production of ‘Sujatha’ in 1953, the Sri lankan local commercial film industry was established and scaled new heights.

Pathmaraja was the youngest son of K Gunarathnam who produced many films including ‘Radala Piliruwa’, ‘Deewarayo’, ‘Dosthara’, ‘Sandeshaya’, ‘Wana Mohini’, ‘Weera Wijaya’, ‘Allapu Gedara’, and ‘Athma Puja’.

Pathmaraja produced the movie ‘Salamuthu Pinna’ moving the Cinemas legacy forward.

Pathmaraja managed the Lido Cinema hall, Borella, Kingsley cinema hall, Kotahena, and many other theaters. Lido cinema was one of the main local film releasing centers and Kingsly cinema holds historical value as the first conversational movie ‘Kadaunu Poronduwa’ was initially released in it.

Pathmaraj holds the ownership of the movie ‘Nidanaya’,which is considered as the best film ever produced in Helawood cinema.

He was the Managing Director of Cinema Entertainment Ltd which was formed with three pioneering film companies in Sri Lanka. He was a loving companion to film artistes and was a devoted character for the betterment of the f lm industry.

He studied at the S. Thomas College, Mount Lavinia. He was 70 years old at the time of demise. He was a father of three.