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Furnace Oil clean-up operation underway

The separator tanks containing furnace oil at the Sapugaskanda Oil  Refinery managed by the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, had overflowed  with the ingress of rain water following heavy downpour in the past two days.The Navy and the Coast Guard have been able to place a floating boom to  prevent a further spread of furnace oil and to skim them through an oil skimmer, to prevent furnace oil mixed water in the Sapugaskanda area drifting into the  Kelani River through the Pattivila canal, as the current rainfall  decreases and the water level in the Kelani river goes down. The Navy and Sri Lanka Coast Guard took action to skim the furnace oil exposed to the external environment and to prevent further spread. The Heiyanthuduwa area in Sapugaskanda was flooded due to heavy rains. Pictures by Sudath Malaweera.