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Vaccination programme is successful - State Minister Nimal Lanza

Rural Roads and Other Infrastructure State Minister Nimal Lanza said that despite the allegations by the Opposition, the vaccination programme is being carried out successfully and the interest and confidence of the people in it are important to control the COVID pandemic.

The State Minister was addressing a recent media briefing in Wattala.

‘’Controlling the COVID pandemic has become the Government’s first priority. Its success will be a victory for our health service. We will facilitate vaccination and essential services to the public despite traffic restrictions. Criticism by the Opposition of the measures taken in this regard is a blow to the morale of the relevant officials,” the State Minister said.

“The Government will complete the vaccination before the end of the year. Today the Opposition is expecting an increase in COVID patients and deaths. That is why they criticise vaccination. If the Good Governance Government was in power, the country would have been another Vishala. The health services, the Armed Forces and the Police are doing a great job in controlling the pandemic and their sacrifices should be appreciated,” the State Minister said.“From the beginning, the Opposition said that the COVID pandemic would put the country in a difficult position and destroy its economy. Therefore, they try to spread false propaganda among the people. It shows the bankruptcy of the Opposition,” the State Minister said.

“Even during the war, the Opposition said that the war could not be won. But the war ended and peace was restored. Today, the Government is controlling the pandemic effectively. We will strengthen the economy and ensure that the people will not be oppressed,” State Minister Nimal Lanza said.