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Kareen’s size zero pizza

Kareena Kapoor Khan made headlines when she flaunted her iconic ‘zero figure’ look in YRF’s action flick Tashan. While Bollywood actresses were always extremely fit, it was Kareena who took things to a whole new level and started the zero figure trend in the country.

In fact, the term size zero became such a trend across the country that a pizza joint in Delhi even named a pizza after it. The pizza was a healthier alternative to other options on their menu and thus the name ‘size zero’. The size zero pizza had a thin crust and was topped off with diced chicken, red chillies, baby corn, onions, and low-fat cheese.

While ideally, you wouldn’t want to binge on pizza during a diet, however, if you are extremely tempted then a slice or two of the size zero wouldn’t be the worst idea. Filmfare