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Withdraw health sector Essential Service Gazette - UNP

UNP General Secretary Palitha Range Bandara said the government has made the health service an Essential Service with the intention of intimidating and repressing health workers. He said the government is trying to intimidate  health workers for launching trade union action to obtain their facilities and the safety they deserve.

Bandara said the health service has done a yeomen service during the pandemic. “From top to bottom all employees in the health service worked with dedication in this pandemic situation.They do not have adequate protective clothing and kits, vaccinations, emergency allowances and safety for their families. In this backdrop health has been made an essential service to prevent workers resorting to strikes to get what they deserve” .Bandara went on to say that if the government is unable to meet the current challenges successfully they should resign and hand over the responsibility of governance to those who can do it. He also said the UNP as a party requests the government to withdraw the dictatorial gazette notification issued to make the health service and essential service.