Kurunegala paddy production drops by 24% | Daily News
2020/2021 Maha Season:

Kurunegala paddy production drops by 24%

The Kurunegala District’s paddy production during the 2020/2021 Maha Season dropped by 24% compared to the previous year, Wayamba Provincial Director Agriculture P. Sisira Kumara said.

He was speaking at a recent Kurunegala District Agriculture Committee Meeting. The lost paddy quantity is 92.85 kilotonnes, Kumara added.

He said that during the 2020/2021 Maha Season, a total land area of 94,329 hectares was used for paddy cultivation, with 12,597 hectares being used for major irrigation, 31,641 hectares coming under minor irrigation, and 25,082 hectares for rain-fed cultivation.

The total harvest for the corresponding period was 281.01 kilotonnes of paddy, whereas the amount of paddy reaped in the previous year was 373.86 kilotonnes.