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RIC launches International Economics Finance Degree


The Bachelor of Business (Honours) Degree in International Economics and Finance (IEF) was unveiled by Royal Institute of Colombo (RIC) offering undergraduates a unique opportunity to acquire expertise in both finance and economics.

This UGC approved four-year study course IEF Programme is challenging yet stimulating and provides an unparalleled practical depth.

The objective of the BB (Honours) IEF Programme is to gain an in-depth understanding of the economic, trade, financial, political and other forces that have driven the processes of economic globalisation and integration, as well as of the private and public sectors and the institutions that shape the international economic environment, and its developments and policies.

“By continuously updating and evaluating the BB (Honours) IEF curriculum, we encourage our students to utilise major current trends in the global economy and apply their learning and analysis to practical situations”, said Dr. Nirodha Bandara, Academic Director.

RIC’s BB (Honours) IEF Programme has been established to cater to the interests of students seeking both a broad scholarly understanding of the way the world economy and financial markets and institutions work.

The course work in theory, policy, skills and research methods, as well as the interim training experience, are designed to prepare students for careers in government agencies, industry associations, financial institutions, multinational corporations, economic consulting firms, think tanks, multilateral institutions and non-governmental organisations – whether in Sri Lanka or abroad.

“As a pioneer non-state university (higher education institute) for the University of London degrees and the leading private institution for the University of London LLB degree programme, RIC is recognised for the quality of its graduates, world-class results, qualified lecturer panel, and state-of-the-art learning facilities.”

Currently, RIC has a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic student and staff population studying and working in harmony.