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Central Environmental Authority recognise use of Eco Tablet

Central Environmental Authority recommends using Eco Tablet, an organic product mixed with NANO technology to improvise the quality of the fuel used in vehicles.

Ceylon Green Produce recently introduced this internationally reputed product in a move to reduce air pollution resulting from vehicles gas emission.

Eco Tablet is coming in two versions namely, Eco Racing; for petrol vehicles and Eco Diesel; for diesel vehicles, this fuel booster enhances the engine’s performance and the efficiency in fuel combustion.

Eco Tablet doubles the engines life time while cleansing spark plugs, combustion chambers and the fuel tank. It saves fuel from 20% to 50%.

Having tested the efficiency of Eco Tablets, CEA has issued a certification signed by K.H. Muthukuda Arachchi, Deputy Director General Environment Pollution Control.

“This substance has been tested and proved under the supervision and patronage of Central Environmental Authority. Considering the positive environmental impacts, application of Eco Tablets to any fleet of vehicles is recommended by this authority in relation to CSR projects,” the certificate mentions.

When Eco tablets are used by a fleet of vehicles, it significantly reduces the air pollution resulting from fuel combustion while improving the vehicles’ engine performances.

Presently several government bodies have expressed interest to use ‘Eco Tablets’ for their fleets of vehicles the company sources said. A large number of mechanical engineers have recommended Eco tablet as a real fuel booster with multiple benefits to the users.

Eco Tablet, a product known internationally for its quality and effectiveness over a decade, can be used in all vehicles including motorbikes and heavy machinery. Eco tablet is one of the many eco projects of Ceylon Green Produce