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Cabinet should take charge – Ranil

Former Prime Minister and United National Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has said the Cabinet should take full powers to save the country and its people from the Corona epidemic.

He noted that the Committees that have been set up to suppress the spread of corona have failed, adding that there are people in the Cabinet who have experience and many lives could be lost if the Cabinet does not take immediate responsibility.

He added that although the gravity of the pandemic was notified earlier, these committees have not taken steps to deal with it. Hence, Wickremesinghe noted that the people have lost faith in them.

Issuing a media release yesterday Wickremesinghe said, “Today we have faced the most dangerous stage of the Covid-19 pandemic and the health condition of the people is deteriorating. The virus is fast spreading throughout the country and there is a serious shortage of vaccines, oxygen and ventilators. The hospitals are packed with patients and there is an acute shortage of hospital beds. The number of infections is rising steadily and we are now at a decisive stage. Hence, if we do not adhere to the advice and health guidelines of the health experts, the country is bound to face serious consequences.”

He noted that according to the latest report issued by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Washington, Sri Lanka could reach a peak in patient numbers and faces the danger of exceeding over 100 deaths per day by June. Hence, he said everyone should unite and act responsibly at this decisive juncture.

“This is not a fight to save the name of the Government. Also, this is not a political battle. In fact, this is a fight to save the lives of the people. We are not asking for a change of Government. According to the Constitution, the responsibility for the country lies with the Cabinet,” he added.

“Therefore, we urge the President and the Cabinet to take charge. This week, they should discuss the situation with the Opposition Leaders and obtain their support and input. They too need to extend their support to the Government and they need to act fast. If they fail to act fast, many lives could be lost. If the Government cares about the people, the Cabinet should take over the responsibility as there are many experienced members within the Cabinet. Hence, I appeal to the Government to act responsibly and fast,” Wickremesinghe said.