Burqa ban, a wise decision - MP Raheem | Daily News

Burqa ban, a wise decision - MP Raheem

The proposed ban on the Burqa will help the members of the Muslim community to pave the way for peaceful coexistence with other communities in the country, MP Ali Sabry Raheem from the Puttalam electorate told the Daily News on Saturday.

Reacting to government’s decision to ban the Burqa, Raheem said it is a wise decision that would help Muslims to absolve themselves from any offences committed wearing Burqa and also it would prevent criminals from using the Burqa as a tool for their destructive efforts.

Raheem also pointed out that less than ten percent of Sri Lankan Muslim women wear Burqa. “It is the opinion of religious scholars that wearing Burqa is not something that is obligatory in Islam. It is the traditional clothe worn by desert women to suit their climate.”

“Some can use Burqa to conceal their identity, which can be often witnessed at guest houses during check ins,” he said, adding that it is obligatory for Islamic women to cover all areas except their wrists and faces.

The Cabinet’s decision to ban the Burqa has been submitted to the Attorney General’s Department for the drafting of the Bill. Once it is completed, the Bill is likely to be presented in Parliament in June.

There was a temporary ban on Burqa in Sri Lanka following the Easter Sunday bomb blasts in April 2019.