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My pleadings on ICU beds were ignored - UNP Leader

UNP leader and former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe charged that the Government had failed to increase ICU beds in hospitals despite early warnings. Wickremesinghe said if the number of ICU beds had been increased at least as he had said a year ago, it would have been a strength to face the current situation.

He also said the Government had failed to conduct enough research about COVID-19 and this had contributed to enhancing the disease spread.

“While other countries were conducting research to control corona, the Sri Lankan government was giving the untested herbal brew widely called ‘Dhammika peniya to the people. We are now seeing the consequences,” he said during a discussion with UNP senior’s yesterday morning using Zoom technology.

The above discussion was held related to thye UNP reorganisation programme. However COVID-19 took center stage during discussions and Wickremesinghe elaborating on the subject noted that CPR tests should be increased and this should be done at electoral level Wickremesinghe pointed out that although one center is sufficient for small electorates, at least two or three PCR centers should be provided for large electorates such as Moneragala.

Wickremesinghe said that just as he had pointed out a year ago that the number of intensive care unit beds for corona patients should be increased, even before that the UNP had included those issues in its election manifesto.