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Govt created false sense of security among public - Opposition Leader

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa stated that the government had created a false sense of security among the public which ultimately led to the present spike in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Premadasa also criticised the government for not paying attention to the Opposition which continuously raised concerns over a possible Third Wave.

 Premadasa made these observations in Parliament yesterday (4) joining the debate held on the COVID-19 pandemic situation prevailing in the country.

Premadasa pointed out,“The government has restricted questions asked under Standing Order 27 (2). There were no such restrictions earlier. Our questioning has become a headache to the government. The government criticised us alleging that we are wasting the time of the House.

They insulted and laughed at us for asking questions regarding the pandemic. Questioning the government on its policies and activities is our responsibility as an Opposition. But the government paid no attention to the concerns we raised in Parliament.

The government only boasted. It limited PCR tests and created an artificial confidence to project as if the epidemic was under control.

Basically the whole country was fooled by this act. Now the country and the people are suffering because of these actions. The security of our nation is threatened. This is not a military operation. We need good health facilities to fight this epidemic,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said the government needs to work with the other countries to curtail the pandemic. “This is a global pandemic and we need to work with other nations.That is why we, as the Opposition, held discussions with the ambassadors requesting their facilitation,” Premadasa pointed out.