Opposition dreaming of toppling Government by propagating falsehoods - Minister | Daily News

Opposition dreaming of toppling Government by propagating falsehoods - Minister

The Opposition is entitled to their dream of toppling the Government but they should also remember that the ground realities ensure people’s undivided faith and support to the Government, Chief Government Whip and Highways Minister Johnston Fernando said.

Speaking to the media after a meeting with the Kurunegala District SLPP Local Government members yesterday, Minister Fernando said that the Opposition was yet to recover from their shocks of back to back defeats in the elections.

“Take a look at the lies that they have been propagating in recent times. First they cried foul of COVID-19 prevention programmes dreaming that they could turn it for their political gain. That was not successful as the Government could counter it successfully. Then they clamoured of a collapse of the economy.

“When the Geneva UNHRC vote was taken, the Opposition had nothing but to talk about dangers that this country would face if the Resolution on Sri Lanka would be passed there. Nothing of that sort happened. Thereafter they lamented about an environmental destruction, but we proved there was no such thing. For example, we proved that not a single tree had been cut in the process of the Lankagama road renovation project.

“Then they tried to capitalise on the Easter Sunday investigations forgetting that it was owing to their mistakes that terror attacks took place. They even tried to drag Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith into their bandwagon”.

“Now the Opposition talks of their latest dream of toppling the Government. I challenge them to go to their electorates and speak to the people, so that they could understand that people are with us. People know the truth that the Opposition is an impotent force which can do nothing but dream of impossibilities without knowing the ground reality,” the Minister said.