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Majority Sri Lankans will run Port City

The Secretaries to the Finance Ministry and the Cabinet of Ministers yesterday informed the Supreme Court through their lawyers that a majority of Sri Lankans would steer the Colombo Port City Economic Commission.

President’s Counsel Sanjeewa Jayawardena appearing for these two Secretaries told Court that the Commission will consist of a majority of Sri Lankans in order to ensure national interests.

“If the Commission consists of five members, three will be three Sri Lankans. If it has seven members, four will be Sri Lankan,” Jayawardena explained. He said the Commission would promote national interests and the advancement of the national economy. The same assurance was given by Romesh de Silva, PC, who appeared for President’s Secretary Dr. P.B. Jayasundera.

According to the proposed amendments, as per clause 7(1) regarding the composition of the Colombo Port City Economic Commission, the President will appoint members of the Commission ensuring that the majority are Sri Lankans.

According to the section 7 (1) of the Port City Bill, the Commission should consist of not less than five members and not more than seven members, who should be appointed by the President of Sri Lanka.

He said that the Port City Commission would operate as a single window facilitator in the global investment market, intending to uplift the efficacy of the whole project.

 “I must stress the fact that the nature and character of the project is not production oriented. There will be no production in the project. It is purely a services and facilities oriented project. Everything that comes to the country when any item is needed in the cause of providing facilities or services will be monitored at the two points of Customs - either sea ports or the airports,” said Jayawardena.

The petitions will continue to be heard today.