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School second term to start tomorrow

All schools will commence for the second term tomorrow, stated the Education Ministry. Accordingly, arrangements have been made to recommence schools tomorrow in accordance with the health guidelines mentioned in the circular which was implemented during the first school term.



All schools re-open under ‘New Normal’ today

Dinuli Francisco

All State and government approved private schools countrywide will commence for the second term today.

Even though schools were re-opened in different phases in several parts of the country during the past few months, it is after more than a year that all schools in the country are re-opening.

The Education Ministry stated that schools should function adhering to the health guidelines issued during the first term.

Education Ministry Secretary Prof. Kapila Perera said if the number of students in a class are 15, they can attend classes daily. If the number of students in a class are between 16 and 30, the class should be divided into two groups and conducted on equal days. If the number is above 30, they should be divided into three groups and classes held at least thrice a week.

Perera said that this division of classes must be continued until the Health Services Director General issues a new set of guidelines. He also said that if students are indicating any symptoms of illness, health authorities must be informed regarding the situation. He also added that emergency care units are active and sick beds are made ready to face the situation.

He further said that all parties involved in the Education sector must act responsibly since COVID-19 is still active in society.

Students are adviced not to share their belongings such as lunch boxes and water bottles and food. Wearing a face mask is mandatory to enter the school and washing hands, maintaining a distance should also be strictly followed.

Dhamma schools were also re-opened yesterday. The Buddhist Affairs Department stated that all Dhamma schools are functioning adhering to the COVID-19 rules and regulations.