Activities of six political parties temporarily suspended | Daily News

Activities of six political parties temporarily suspended

The activities of six political parties have been temporarily suspended by the Election Commission (EC), its Chairman Nimal Punchihewa today (16) said.

The EC has arrived at this decision as the said political parties have sought legal action to resolve their internal conflicts.

“The said political parties will be kept inactive until the Court proceedings are concluded,” Punchihewa told the Daily News. Punchihewa further said that the Election Commission can consider activating such a party if it withdraws the case and comes to an agreement internally as well. “These six political parties were temporarily suspended from carrying out any political activity as they have filed cases before the Court regarding internal matters such as the appointment of their Secretaries and Chairmen. As a result, these parties will not be able to contest in elections until the relevant legal proceedings are concluded,” Punchihewa pointed out.