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STF opens fire at Cab for unheeding orders

The Special Task Force (STF) of Police this morning opened fire at a cab that had failed to heed orders to stop at a roadblock set near a natural sand mound in Point Peduru in Jaffna, Police Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana said.

Issuing a media statement he said two persons, who were suspected to be inside the cab when the incident took place, had been admitted to the Point Peduru hospital later with gunshot injuries.

“The STF is implementing a special roadblock to protect natural sand mounds in Point Peduru and to prevent illegal sand mining. At around 7.30 am a cab was moving towards the road block from the sand mound and the STF officers had ordered to stop the cab. As the driver did not obey the orders, the STF officers had dragged two nail boards as obstacles. The driver had not stopped the cab despite the tyres being punched. According to the statements of the STF officers, the driver had attempted to run over the STF officers whilst driving,” the Police Spokesman explained.

He said the STF officers were compelled to use force in terms of the Penal Code at that time. “They had fired at the cab, but the cab had disappeared. After an hour, it was revealed that two persons had been admitted to Point Peduru hospital with gunshot injuries. The statements of the STF officers were recorded. The Police are conducting investigations,” he added.