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Mobile clinics in Akkaraipattu

A public clinic in progress.
A public clinic in progress.

The Olivia Hospital in Akkaraipattu along with Vipulananda Children’s Home conducted mobile clinics for children and the public in the surrounding area on Saturday.

Children’s Home President T.Kailayapillai invited the Olivia Hospital Management to conduct the clinics. Responding to the invitation, a medical team headed by Olivia Hospital Managing Director Dr. M.H.M. Zanoos arrived at the Home for Children and checked eyesight of the children and diagnosed their diseases.

Dr. M.H.M. Zanoofer, Dr. M.H.M.Safeel and Dr.Rasnith Sabry provided their service at the clinic.

The Medical team held clinics for the public as well. Managing Director Zanoos also provided two fans for the Children’s Home.